Patrick Hypscher


My name is Patrick,

I see myself as Entrepreneur, Curious Mind and Responsible Citizen.

I am Steward of Green PO, Podcast Host of, and Curator of Miss Regen.

I help organisations to build Product-as-a-Service models, create sustainable products and run responsible businesses.

Contact me if you think I can support you.


Fields of expertise

Sustainable Products

Crafting products that make a difference to customers and the planet

  1. Product Vision, Purpose & Strategy Co-Creation
  2. Circular Product Design, Carbon Footprint & Regenerative Practices
  3. Feasibility, Viability & Desirability Checks


Building a new business to solve customer problems

  1. Business Case Creation
  2. Tool & IT Setup Suggestions
  3. Organisational Governance Recommendations

Circular Business Models

Create value in a more circular and regenerative way

  1. Creating clarity about frameworks and trends
  2. Identifying suitable opportunities
  3. Specifying new sustainable business models

Circular Transformation

Adapt the organisation to a new normal

  1. Plan Transformation Journey
  2. Develop Stakeholder Engagement Process
  3. Support you with the B Corp Certification process

Possible Formats

Workshops, Research, Audits, Concept Creation,
Prototype Building & Testing, Training & Coaching

My Background

Business Economics | Philosophy of the Social Sciences
Startup Founder | Corporate Global Executive
Systems Thinker | B Leader | Agilist

I worked for arvato Bertelsmann and BSH Home Appliances.
I delivered services, trainings and workshops for
adidas, Allianz, Daimler, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Bahn, Porsche and others.

Contact me

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